Sharing A Home Together

Adjusting to Living Together

Modern couples look forward to the day they can move in together, and they imagine the joys of having a partner with them all the time. Few of them will see there can be any down side to this arrangement at all, so they are woefully unprepared when issues arise between them. They might suddenly find that the perfect person they have been with has a few habits they find disgusting, their taste in furnishing can cause fights, and they might even find the love of their life is not at all attractive once the move has been made. There are ways to help ease the strain, but couples must be willing to compromise so it does not end their relationship.

Unknown habits

Every person has their own life apart from anyone else, and many of them have developed their own personal habits. They do not necessarily hide them from the person they are dating, but living in different accommodations can keep them from being seen. These unknown habits can wreak havoc when a couple moves in together and realises what they have signed up for without any warning, and it can make or break the relationship as they try to adjust to sharing living space as a couple.

Keeping the furniture

While many younger couples have few possessions, most mature couples have their own sets of furniture for each room of their home. They see these possessions as an important part of their environment, and many of them are not willing to toss them out when moving in with a partner. It can cause a major rift in the relationship if they are unable to agree with keeping the furniture their partner wants, so they need to have a plan before moving in together to alleviate the strain it can create in their relationship.

Making or breaking the relationship

Many couples moving in together are not realistic when it comes to making the adjustment of living with the love of their life, and it can be the making or breaking of the relationship. The person they thought was sexy, confident, cool and daring suddenly becomes a person they no longer find any of those things. They realise they have made a mistake, but few of them are willing to admit it and go back to the single life of dating.

There are many pitfalls to moving in together as a couple, and two people considering it should think long and hard before they make the commitment to share space. There are a host of important decisions that will affect them immediately, and the consequences of their move could last for years as they try to replace the belongings they left behind. For those who are able to survive the adjustment period, their chance of remaining together could last a lifetime. Those who believe they have made a huge mistake will have to return to the world of dating, and they might just find the person who is right for them.